Monday, December 31, 2012

take note!

let bygone be bygone....
what is left is the future n the present..
not the past.. so,, what could we change if we only think about the past n never act for the future? 
don't keep talk.. but keep act!

(post kat FB)

take note..? about what? why? when?

let take note in every step we go for,
every words that we give out,
every things that we do,
because we have Allah to judge
every single dust we create,
every single phrases that we thought. . .
take note because we are born to the world,
to be humble to Allah,
to complete things that are not complete,
cause we are a little caliph in our little world,
n every single work we do..
influence other..
we have a mission to complete!

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