Thursday, February 3, 2011

never say GOODBYE, friendss!!

hari Ahad nie.. warga 4MB1 akan berkurang..  I don't know how I gonna 2 face it!! YA ALLAH tabahkan hati hamba-Mu ini! after 3 years being together,, it's not that easy 4 me to forget you all!!! It's not me to move but  losing 5 of my friends are being too  hard 4 me to accept it.. As Syahmi said, ONCE A KAKARIANS, ALWAYS BE A KAKARIANS.. don't forget us, yup??

this pic. make me touched so much!!

barisan pemimpin SMKAKA

As you know.. sekolah x menentukan kita berjaya atau x!! yang penting usaha kita.. REMEMBER.. kita yang ubah suasana, bukan suasana yang ubah kita!!

siti, gud luck! hope U enjoy at your hometown...

sorry, not so clear.. but 4 U nadhrah.. make sure we still in touch!

zul, be a great leader there ok.. but never forget KAKA!!

share your experience with us ok.. SMKAKA will cath up KISAS!

syahmi.. although you're not in KAKA, make sure KAKA not in chaous ok??
our vice president...

ok.. NADHRAH, SITI, ZULHILMI, LUTFI and SYAHMI don't forget us!!! you all still in our heart!!!! 

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  1. umi nge najwa manenyer.....
    diorang kan pindah gok.....